Qatar certificates attestation hyderabad

Qatar certificates attestation hyderabad

Qatar certificates attestation hyderabad

Before submitting the document to the Embassy it has to be attestated by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and respective state Home Departments.This procedure varies according to the type of document. In some cases certificates has to be attestated by Notary before submitting to the Home Department. Asper Qatar Embassy for educational certificate attestation we have do attest final year mark list also,(Educational Certificate local HRD Must)

Marriage & Birth Certificate
Qatar Embassy Attestation {Home +MEA + Embassy }
10 to 15 Working days
Rs/- 5000
7 to 10 Working days
Rs/- 7000
4 to 7 Working Days
Rs/- 9000
 Educational Certificate
Only Qatar Embassy Attestation                                            
Normal 10 Working Days
Rs/- 2500
 Urgent 5 Working days
Rs/- 3500
 Mark Sheet Attestation Normal 10 to 15 Working Days
Rs/- 3000/
Urgent 07 to 10 Working Days
Rs/- 5000/-
           PCC ( 10 to 15 working Days  Rs/- 4000/-
Option # 2 Mantralaya + MEA + Embassy
Normal 18 Working Days ( Including Marklist )
Rs 10000 + 2500
Urgent 12 Working days
Rs 12000/ + 2500

*** Open university and distance education certificate not Possible

NB : Qatar embassy attestation, required University/Board/Institute/College verification letter to be attestted by Mantralaya + MEA + Embassy – Charges 2500/-.







Qatar Commercial Document Attestation Charges

Document Required

    1. Orginal certificate
    2. Passport Copy
    3. Final year Marklist
    4. University Verification letter





HRD Attestation is done from the states from which we acquired our certificates. For eg: if you passed your 10’th from kerala attest it on kerala. If you passed your degree from Bangalore you will have to attest your degree certificate from Bangalore.

Qatar certificates attestation hyderabad     Qatar certificates attestation hyderabad