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Kuwait Visit Visa From Karnataka

Kuwait has different visa types created to differentiate between the visitor’s entry requirements, lengths of stay and purpose of their trip. We provide information about the Kuwait visa and the Kuwait visa types available including the Kuwait visit visa, the Kuwait residence visa as well as the Kuwait Transit visa.



Normal Service (12 to 15 Working Days)Urgent Service (6 to 7 Working Days)
Visa Fees Rs 5000/-Rs 5000/-
Pcc AttestationRs 2500/-Rs 3800/-
Service ChargesRs 500/-Rs 500/-
Total ChargesRs 8000/- Rs 9300/-


Kuwait visa Types:


Tourist e-Visa
Visit Visa
Residence Visa
Transit Visa
Entrance Visa


1. Kuwait Tourist Visa (e-Visa)


The Kuwait e-Visa allows visitors to enter and travel around Kuwait for touristic purposes. Those eligible to apply for a Kuwait e-Visa (all foreign nationals and residents in GCC Countries: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, regardless of their citizenship) can complete an online application which only takes a few minutes. Applicants just need to answer a series of questions and enter some basic information such as their contact details and passport number.

The processing time for a Kuwait e-Visa is between one (1) and three (3) business days. Once approved, the e-Visa is sent to the traveler by email. This saves the hassle of going to an embassy or consulate to submit a visa application. The Kuwait e-Visa is a single-entry visa which allows visitors to spend up to 90 days in Kuwait.


2. Kuwait Visit Visa


A Kuwait visit visa must be sponsored by a Kuwait company or by a relative that is a resident foreigner staying in the country. Before traveling to Kuwait, a visitor can have his visa processed and passport stamped at their nearest Kuwait embassy.

A Kuwait sponsor can use a faxed copy of the visitor’s passport to obtain the visit visa in Kuwait.  A copy of the visa can be faxed to the visitor to enable him or her to travel to Kuwait.  They can then meet at the airport with the original visa upon entering the country. There is a special counter in the arrival hall where the sponsor can deposit the visa papers.  The visitor must pick up his original documents at a similar special counter inside the immigration area.  The original documents are required to complete entry formalities.

It takes approximately 2 working days to obtain a Kuwait visit visa. Hotels can arrange visit visas for business and it takes around 7 days.


Listed below are the requirements for a Kuwait Visit Visa:


To obtain the Kuwait visit visa for Business the applicant must have a sponsor.

Kuwait sponsor or company
Kuwait visit visa application and security form filled out by the sponsor
A copy of the visitor’s passport
A copy of the sponsor’s signature as registered for business purposes
A copy of the sponsor’s letter of invitation to the business, stating the purpose of the visit.


The required documents for a family visit visa are:


Proof of relationship or kinship
Copy of the visitor’s valid passport
Original and copy of the civil ID of the sponsor (or the family who resides in Kuwait)
Recent salary certificate for foreign sponsor.


The procedures for obtaining a family visit visa:


Go to the Kuwait Embassy in your country and submit the required documents for a family visit visa listed above.
Fill the service application form (Visa Application Form).  Click this link to download the forms here.
Pay the fees due. Family visit visa application costs a flat fee of Rs.680.21/-.
At least Rs.1,02,031/-  per month if the sponsor works for the government
At least Rs.1,47,378.61/- per month if the sponsor works in the private sector
Immediate family members and other relatives who reside in other countries can visit family members currently living in Kuwait.  No eligibility or criteria is required.  As long as you have a proof of relationship, you can definitely visit with your Kuwait Visit Visa.

The father can sponsor his child’s residence.
No minimum salary requirement.
Domestic servant visa is issued to resident expatriate’s full-time servant sourced from a country outside Kuwait.  The resident will be the sponsor for this type of visa.  Expatriate families are usually allowed to bring a maid in the country.


Requirements for Domestic Servant Visa:


The first requirement is, if you are a male sponsor, you must have a wife living with you if you are going to hire a female servant.

Age limit for the servants is between 20 and 50 years.

Domestic servant visa does not apply to immediate family members or relatives of any degree of consanguinity.

No minimum salary required if the sponsor husband and wife are both working, and if the sponsor family includes children.


Domestic Servant Visa Document Required:


Salary certificates of sponsor and wife
Photocopy of house rental agreement
Photocopy of sponsor’s and wife’s passport
Proof of ages of children (photocopy of local birth certificates or passport)
Photocopy of the sponsor’s and wife’s civil ID
Photocopy of the servant’s passport plus eight passports sized photos
Photocopy of the servant’s work contract
Approval of the Domestic Servant Visa

The immigration official approves the domestic servant visa.  The immigration will look into the sponsor’s house size, monthly income, and the actual need for a maid.


How to Apply for a Domestic Servant Visa:


Domestic servant visa may be obtained from the Jawazaat in Shuwaikh.

The application form must be filled out in Arabic.  If you do not speak and write in Arabic, you will find bilingual typists in Shuwaikh.  They charge 500 fils.

The servant or maid need to go to the Kuwait embassy in his or her home country.

After the flight to Kuwait, the domestic servant visa will require his or her passport photos, and documents (same list as that of a work visa, except for the work permit).  The servant has to pay a residence fee of Rs.45347/-  for the first year and  Rs.2267/-  for the succeeding years.

This process can go through Kuwait agencies that specializes in obtaining domestic servants or maids for Kuwaitis and expatriates.  One must have to be careful though in choosing an agency.  Most are reliable agencies, but a few have unfavorable reputations.

Official birth certificate for the child

Kuwait Multiple Entry Visit Visa
People who obtain a multiple entry visit visa are able to enter Kuwait as many times as they want during a one-year period. This type of visit visa for Kuwait is most handy for business-sponsored foreigners, the sponsor, however, has to be the ministry of defense.

Unlike other westerners, Americans are able to obtain multiple entry visit visas for Kuwait that have a validity of 10 years and an unlimited number of entries.




In most cases, vaccination certificates are not necessary to be granted entrance to the Kuwaiti grounds, but they become mandatory if the visitor comes from an area that’s infected by a viral disease such yellow fever or cholera. The certificates are a proof that the visitor is healthy and won’t be transmitting any diseases with him. In the case of visitors coming from infected countries, besides providing certificates, they might also be subjected to a medical examination after a few days from their arrival. The visitor has to also confirm the last country he’s visited with the Kuwait consulate.

Kuwait visit visas (and also entry permits) are valid for entry within 90 days of issue.  Visitors can stay in Kuwait up to 30 days after entry.
Kuwait Visit Visa costs
Kuwait visits visa costs Rs.680/-  Entry permits are free.Kuwait Visit Visa Extension Fines Fines must be paid in the immigration department in Shuwaikh.  The office is open during government working hours.  Fines are not paid at the airport.  You can pay fines in advance if you anticipate your stay extension.


3. Kuwait Residence Visa:


To live in Kuwait, an expatriate other than GCC citizens must have a Kuwait residence visa, or iqama.   There are three main types of Kuwait residence visa: work visa, domestic, and dependent visa.  These three visas require a sponsor.  An expatriate may sponsor his own residence, with or without allowing to work, as long as he lived in Kuwait for a long time and has a ample financial means.

Upon obtaining residency in Kuwait, an employed man can bring his wife and children to Kuwait to live with him. In order to do that, it is mandatory that he earns at least Rs.1,02,031.35/-  monthly (in case of possessing a 17-visa) and at least Rs.1,47,378.61/-  monthly (in case of possessing a 18-visa). If both man and wife work in Kuwait, they have the possibility to sponsor their children there but only if their salaries combined exceed Rs.79,357.71/-  monthly.


There are several limitations for this type of visa:


A wife can’t sponsor her husband.
While you can sponsor adult daughters and parents, you can’t sponsor sons of over 21 years old.
Dependent family members can’t work until they convert to a Kuwaiti work visa.
In order to obtain a dependent visa for a member of your family, you need to go to the “jawazaat” bureau situated in Shuwaikh. You need to fill an application in Arabic, if you don’t master the Arabic language, you can hire a bilingual typist to do it for you. After filling the form, you need to supply the following documents:

Copy of the dependent’s passport
Copy of his civil ID
The sponsor’s salary certificate
Child birth or marriage certificate that have been authenticated by the sponsor’s embassy in his origin country.
The residence visa for family formalities are similar to those of the work visa. Upon entering the country, the dependent have to undergo medical tests and have his fingerprints taken. The dependent have to provide similar documents to the ones provided by the sponsor except for salary certificate. The last requirement for this procedure is the sponsor’s declaration that he’s going to maintain and support the dependent as long as he stays in kuwait.


The residence visa for family fees are:


Private sector employees:


Rs.22,673/- person: during the first year for wife and the 2 first children.
Rs.45,347/- person: remaining children.


Public sector employees:


Rs.2267/- person: during the first year for wife and the 2 first children
Rs.22673/- person: remaining children.


Renewal fees:


Rs.2267/- person: for children and wife in all cases
Rs.45347/- person: sponsor’s parents and in-laws.


kuwait domestic visa:


Work visas are iqamas granted for public and private sector employees under articles 17 and 18 of the immigration regulations.  Offer employment must first be accepted to obtain Kuwait residence visa on a work visa.  A Kuwaiti employer sponsor shall apply for the work permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour.  Requirements for the work permit are employee’s passport and no-objection certificate or NOC from the General Administration of Criminal Investigation at the Ministry of Interior.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait will send a copy of the work permit to the Kuwaiti Embassy in the country where the employee lives for endorsement.  The sponsor or employer must also send a copy of the work permit to the employee to take to the embassy.    The employee must apply for an entry visa for Kuwait.  Employees for private sector companies require NOCs and a copy of the employer’s authorized signatory as registered for business purposes.If the employee lives in a country without a Kuwait Embassy, the sponsor will have to submit the work permit and NOC to the Ministry of the Interior to get an entry visa.If an employee is on a visit visa in Kuwait when he accepted the employment, he must leave Kuwait and return on the new entry visa.Most nationalities are required to return to their own country for medical tests and endorsement from the country’s Kuwait Embassy.  For westerners, a one day round trip to Bahrain by plane can do.


Kuwait Newborn Child visa:


Expatriates in Kuwait must get an iqama (or visa) when their child is born in the country. It a dependent Kuwait visa or iqama for the child.
Requirements for New Born Child Kuwait Visa Other Requirements for Kuwait Residence Visa
The employee is required to provide a medical certificate issued by an embassy-accredited clinic.  For some nationalities, a good conduct certificate (sometimes called police clearance).  At Kuwait, another round of local medical tests is required.  A fingerprint certificate will be issued to completely process the Kuwait residence visa.


4. Kuwait Transit Visa:


If you’re visiting Kuwait and in a need for a Kuwait transit visa, then you can obtain it from the port authority in Kuwait or from its consulate aboard. You have 7 days maximum to put that visa in use or else it will expire and you’ll have to get a new one.

You may also apply for a Kuwait Online Visa via an online application. Eligible applicants need to complete the form with your personal information and valid travel document, or passport information. Once issued, the Kuwait Online visa is valid for 90 days.

In order to obtain the transit visa, you have to possess a valid visa for the next country to visit and a confirmed onward ticket if you don’t work on an airline or a ship. And in case you’re an international truck driver, you will be able to obtain multiple kuwait transit visa.


5. Kuwait Entrance Visa:


The entrance visa allows government and civil sector employees to issue visas for joining providers.
The minimum criteria for eligibility is Rs.90694/- .  It should not be less than the minimum.


The required documents are the following:


Copy of the sponsor’s civil ID (please refer to Article (19) residents)
Copy of the dependent’s passport (for Article (19) residents)
Salary certificate of the government sector (for Article (19) residents)
Copy of company contract and/or license
Copy of the attested marriage contract or proof of kinship document
Copy of work permit  to define the salary condition of civil sector employees (must meet the minimum requirement for salary)
Fees: Rs.680/- (fixed).


Special Notes:


Hyderabad, Cochin, Vizag, Tirupathi & Chennai Submission will take 7 to 10 working days.

*Tatkal Service– Stamping will be done in 2 working days (Courier and Public Holidays not counted).




Visit the General Department of Immigration in the governorate you refer to and submit the required documents.
Fill the service application form.



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