Australia is a great place to live – a safe, friendly, multicultural environment that welcomes skilled overseas international workers.

The Australia Work Permit gives you the opportunity to work and live in Australia as a skilled migrant and close the gap on Australia’s skills deficit. Also, immigration to Australia under the Skilled or Work Visa program can help increase your chances of gaining permanent residence in Australia.

Australia Work permit Visa Australia’s Migration Program for 2007-2008 provides for up to 152,800 places, with 102,500 of those under skilled migration – such as the Australian Skilled Independent visa.

Australia has a progressive immigration system aimed at reducing skills shortages. The Subclass 457 work visa, a temporary business visa which allows employers to sponsor overseas workers, has proved to be very popular.

Australian employers and overseas employers can sponsor a skilled worker under a 457 visa for any period of time from one day to four years. Family members are also welcome and are allowed to work and/or study during their stay in Australia.

Once a person enters Australia on a 457 work visa, there is no limit to the number of times he or she can enter and leave the country during the time frame of his or her visa.

For an employer to be eligible to apply for a worker to come to Australia under a 457 visa, they must meet certain requirements including:

applying to be a sponsor to recruit overseas workers
nominating the occupations they want to fill, and the employees they want to fill those positions
recruiting the overseas workers to fill the nominated positions
acting as a sponsor for the employees applying for a visa
cooperating with the immigration department’s monitoring requirements

The employee coming to Australia under a 457 work visa must:

accept the offer of employment from the employer
apply for a 457 visa
meets all conditions on their 457 visa

457 Visa Employer Requirements

An employer must be approved as a sponsor before being able to recruit overseas workers under the 457 work visa. To be approved as a sponsor, an employer must be an Australian business that operates within Australia or an overseas business bringing in overseas employees for the purpose of setting up a business within Australia. Both types of businesses must attest that they have a demonstrated commitment to employing local labour and undertake non-discriminatory employment practices.

Business must not have anything adverse on their record pertaining to the business or anyone associated with the business.

Employers must also show a commitment to meeting Australia’s requirements for training Australian workers.


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