-> Post Arrival your Day Starts Visiting Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour Precinct is located 10 minutes from the city centre and is a lively area with stores, attractions and entertainment but the site has a long and fascinating history.
Visit Duration : 1 hour and 30 minutes
Category : Landmarks
Address : Sydney NSW 2000

-> Then 0.8 KM, 10 min walking Towards Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
13,000 sea creatures from 650 species live at this large aquarium. The impressive design of the building resembles a wave and is one of the world's largest aquariums. The star feature of the aquarium are several see-through acrylic tunnels which pass through the tanks so that visitors can walk through as sharks and fish swim around them on all sides.
Visit Duration : 1 hour and 30 minutes
Category : Aquarium
Address : 1-5 Wheat Road, Sydney NSW 2000
->Next 0.3 KM, 5 min walking towards Sydney Wildlife World
Unlike many other Sydney animal attractions this one is in the center of the city in Darling Harbour. Visitors to the site take a walk through iconic Australian habitats and along the way meet the indigenous animals. While you walk though the site you'll be almost entirely enclosed in air-conditioned surroundings. The site covers about 7,000m² and is divided into distinct Australian habitats.
Visit Duration : 1 hour and 30 minutes
Category : Zoo
Address : Aquarium Wharf/1-5 Wheat Road, Darling Harbour NSW 2000.
->Moving Ahead with 9 minutes walk to Queen Victoria Building
QVB is a beautiful Romanesque Revival building designed by George McRae and constructed between 1893 and 1898. The building takes up a city block bound by Druitt Street, Market Street, York Street and George Street. Today it houses a modern shopping center but was originally constructed during a depression specifically to give employment to the many laborers and artisans.
Visit Duration : 15 minutes
Category : Landmarks
Address : 455 George St. Sydney, NSW 2000
->Five minutes Away you Find Sydney Tower
The Sydney Tower is the tallest free-standing structure in the city and the 2nd tallest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the city's tallest structure and the 3rd tallest in the country. The tower is 309 meters tall and accessed through Pitt Street Mall.
Visit Duration : 30 minutes
Category : Landmarks
Address : 100 Market St.,Sydney NSW 2000
->2 minutes away you move towards Sydney Tower Skywalk
The Skywalk is just one of the attractions at the Sydney Tower. The Skywalk is a see-through walkway overhanging the edge of the tower and surrounding the building 268 meters above Sydney. It is the city's highest outdoor adventure, twice as high as the Sydney Bridge. A guided tour outside on the glass walkway takes 45 minutes and includes a commentary by an experienced guide.
Visit Duration : 1 hour and 30 minutes
Category : Activities
Address : 100 Market St., Sydney NSW 2000
->Next reaching To St. James Church
Sydney's Anglican parish church is located on King Street it was first consecrated in 1824 and is one of several colonial buildings in the historic precinct of Macquarie Street. The church was designed by Francis Greenway, an English architect who became a convict sent to Australia for forgery.
Visit Duration : 30 minutes
Category : Religious Sites
Address : 173 King Street, Sydney NSW 2000
->The Last Visit of the Ends at St Mary's Cathedral
The foundation stone of this church was first laid in 1868 on the site of an earlier cathedral which had burnt down. The church is the mother church of Australian Catholicism and the seat of the Sydney Catholic archdiocese. The building was designed by William Wilkinson who died 100 years before the cathedral's completion.
Visit Duration : 30 minutes
Category : Religious Sites
Address : St Marys Road, Sydney NSW 2000

-> Second Day starts at Sydney Opera House
Without a doubt the most important landmark in Sydney and perhaps the most important in all of Australia, the Sydney Opera House is a performing arts center with stunning architecture. The Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each year the venue hosts more than 1600 performances
Visit Duration : 1 hour
Category : Performing Arts Venue
Address : 2 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

-> Then 0.4 KM, 6 min walking Towards Government House
Construction on Government House began in 1836 and was completed in 1845. It was designed by Edward Blore who also worked on Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. The house is a sophisticated example of colonial Gothic Revival architecture and resembles a castle or palace with turrets and crenellation.
Visit Duration : 1 hour
Category : Landmarks
Address : Royal Botanic Gardens, Macquarie St. Sydney NSW 2000
->Next 0.8 KM, 10 min walking towards Museum of Sydney
The building which houses the Museum of Sydney was built on the ruins of Australia's first Government House, the home of NSW's first Governor, Arthur Phillip constructed in 1788. The remains of the historic building were discovered in 1983.
Visit Duration : 2 hours
Category : Museums
Address : Corner Bridge Street & Philip Street, Sydney NSW 2000
->Moving Ahead with 9 minutes walk to The Rocks
The Rocks was the traditional home of the Gadigal Aboriginal people and the site of the first European landing in 1788. The Rocks precinct is located on the southern shore of Sydney Harbour.
Visit Duration : 1 hour
Category : Neighborhood
Address : The Rocks NSW 2000
->One minutes Away you Find Rocks Discovery Museum
The Discovery Museum is located in the historic Rocks tourist precinct and housed within three former sandstone warehouses which date back to the 1850s. The museum holds artifacts, archaeological findings, paintings and photographs of The Rocks area. The museum uses interactive touch-screens, hands-on displays, audio visual effects ..
Visit Duration : 1 hour
Category : Museums
Address : Kendall Lane, Sydney NSW 2000
->2 minutes away you move towards Cadmans Cottage
Located in The Rocks this is one of Sydney's historic properties and the oldest surviving residential building in the city. It was completed in 1816 and was used as living quarters for the government coxswains who were like petty officers or water police until 1864.
Visit Duration : 30 minutes
Category : Landmarks
Address : 110 George St. The Rocks NSW 2000
->Next reaching To Museum of Contemporary Art
The MCA exhibits contemporary art from Australia and the rest of the world. The museum building stands on a site which was originally the lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation.
Visit Duration : 1 hour
Category : Museums
Address : 140 George Street, The Rocks NSW 2000
->The Last Visit but not the least Ends at Sydney Harbour Bridge
One of the iconic symbols of the city is this aesthetically pleasing structure which spans Sydney Harbour. The "coat hanger" as it is affectionately nicknamed, was erected in 1932 after 6 years in the making. Just as US immigrants knew they had arrived when they saw the Statue of Liberty
Visit Duration : 30 minutes
Category : Landmarks
Address : Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney NSW, Australia

->Third Day Starts with State Library of NSW
The State Library of NSW in Sydney is the oldest library in Australia. The establishment became a public library in 1869 when the government bought the Australian Subscription Library which had been opened in 1826. In addition the Mitchell Wing of the Library opened in 1910 and is the only library in the country completely devoted to Australian content.
Visit Duration : 1 hour
Category : Library
Address : Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

-> Then 1KM, 13 min walking Towards Australian Museum
This museum has led the way in scientific research and collections of rare and unusual specimens of natural history and anthropology since 1827. This is the oldest museum in the country. The museum is housed within a Greek revival style building built in 1857.
Visit Duration : 2 hour
Category : Museums
Address : 6 College Street, Sydney NSW 2000
->Next 0.7 KM, 9 min walking towards Sydney Town Hall
Visit this classic building to see magnificent Victorian interiors and rich decoration. The Sydney Town Hall is the largest and most beautifully decorated of the 19th century civic buildings which have survived in Australia. The building was completed in 1889 and was a daring departure of architectural styles at the time.
Visit Duration : 45 minutes
Category : Landmarks
Address : 483 George St. Sydney NSW 2000
->Moving Ahead with 11 minutes walk to Chinese Garden
This oasis is located in Darling Harbour not far from Sydney's Chinatown. The garden is completely walled and faithfully created in the tradition of Chinese gardens according to the ancient Chinese philosophy. The garden was designed and planted by Chinese landscape architects and modeled on the private gardens of the Ming Dynasty.
Visit Duration : 1 hour
Category : Parks & Gardens
Address : Pier Street, Darling Harbour NSW 2000
->8 minutes Away you Find Powerhouse Museum
Powerhouse Museum is a branch of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences and gets its name from the museum building which is a former electric tram power station. This museum covers a wide spectrum including decorative arts, design, furniture, science, communications, space, media, technology, transportation and social history.
Visit Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes
Category : Museums
Address : 500 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW 2007
->1.2kms away you move towards National Maritime Museum
Located in Darling Harbor this museum holds the relics, documents and seafaring crafts of Australian maritime history. The museum was constructed over 20 years ago as part of a redevelopment program in the harbor. The site was a commerce and transport hub when the country was first being established and many immigrants arrived here by ship.
Visit Duration : 2 hours
Category : Museums
Address : 2 Murray Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Tourist Packages

Visitor Visa
This visa is for the temporary entry of people for tourism or business visitor purposes.
There are two streams which can be applied for outside Australia

Tourist Visa
This visa allows people to visit Australia for a holiday or recreation, or to visit family and/or friends for a stay up to three or six or twelve months. This visa may also be used for other short-term non-work purposes.

Business Visitor Visa
For applicants seeking to engage in business visitor activities including:-

  • Making general business or government inquiries
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Government visits
  • Attending conference, seminars, Job interviews or Professional examinations


Who should apply?

This visa is available to all passport holders who are outside Australia and want to apply for a visa to visit Australia.

General Information

This visa (sub class 676) is meant for tourism or visiting family for stay of up to 12 months.

About Subclass 676

Australia Immigration and Citizenship Department provides visitor visas for foreigners who plan to visit this country for purposes of touring, visiting friends and families, and recreation. Citizens of Australia or those obtaining citizenship by descent fall outside the purview of a visitor visa. Tourist visa Subclass 676 is of temporary nature with a validity of up to twelve months. This visa may be applied for both inside and outside Australian territory. Online applications may also be made in way of e-676 visa.

Visitor visa subclass 676 may also be used for non-work reasons for a short period such as undergoing a training program or attending a study course. Passport holders of overseas nations wanting to tour Australia, and foreign tourists in this country planning to extend their stay are eligible for this visa. It may be noted that this immigration visa is not applicable for transit passengers and travelers coming to this country for medical reasons.

Long stays and Successive Visits

This visa enables you to stay within Australian territory for a limited time period either for touring or for visiting resident friends and relatives. This immigration order does not allow you to stay for extended periods or take up residence in this country. However, parents of permanent residents of Australia, Australian citizens and eligible citizens of New Zealand may have their visa extended depending on circumstances. Such parents are allowed multiple entries with twelve months being the maximum dwelling period for this visa type.

Validity of this visa is extensible for:

  • Five years in case of parents living overseas and fall in Subclass 103 Parent Visa category and in queue
  • Three years in case of parents staying outside Australia and already traveled to this country with a visa
    and never applied for Parent Visa Subclass 103
  • Eighteen months in case of parents who have never traveled to Australia earlier, have never applied for Subclass 103 Parent Visa, or have already applied for Subclass 103 Visa and in queue.

Longer stay visas are only applicable for tourists staying outside Australian territory. Apart from meeting these preconditions, a tourist needs to hold a valid medical insurance to protect any medical expenses that may be incurred during your visit. Candidates also must not have stayed in Australia for over twelve months over an eighteen month period.

Working of Tourist Visa

You need to have a valid desire such as touring or recreation to visit this country. On issuance of this visa all other immigration visas you may be holding would stand nullified. If holding any other visa type, it is advisable to consult your nearest Australian embassy before applying for a Tourist Visa.

Documents Required

> passport Copy.
> Certified copies of birth certificates, showing names of both parents.
> One recent passport sized photograph (45mm x 35 mm) attached to the front of the application form

Purpose of Visit

> If you are visiting family and friends provide an invitation from your invite in Australia, evidence of your relationship with the inviter and evidence of your invites passport and status in Australia.
> If you are going for your daughter/daughter-in-law’s pregnancy, then a letter from a medical doctor confirming the condition.
> If you are going for a medical emergency then a letter from the hospital/doctor stating the condition of the patient
> If you are going for tourism then details of bookings
> If you are going for a student exchange then a letter stating the arrangements that have been made.
> Itinerary giving travel details, accommodation and activities within Australia.

Financial Documents

> Copies of bank statements (personal and business) over a period of time showing a consistent savings history.
> Copies of documents which show any other funds or assets held.
> Taxation documents for the last three years
> If a friend/relative in Australia is paying for your visit then a Statutory Declaration stating the relative or friend’s support and evidence of their financial capacity to do so – for example a letter of invitation, bank statements and tax documents.
> It is important to provide evidence of your own financial status even if your trip is being funded by a friend or a relative. Your own financial status is a factor we consider in assessing whether your personal circumstances would encourage you to return to your home country.

Employment Details

If you are employed: Letter from your employer – stating your position and salary, length of employment, Confirming your leave of absence and

the name and contact details of the person providing the letter.

If you are self-employed and running your own business: Business registration
If you are retired: Evidence of your retirement – for example a letter from your employer.

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