Australia Tourism

The beauty of Australia’s natural landscapes, from pristine coastal areas to lush rainforests and red deserts, makes Australia one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world. More than six million visitors come to Australia each year, attracted by world-class food and wine, beautiful beaches, unique flora and fauna, friendly people and a relaxed atmosphere.

Did you know?

International visitors spent more than 200 million nights in Australia in 2013.

Tourism is one of Australia’s biggest export industries, adding more than A$42 billion to the economy in 2013 and directly employing more than half a million people. With 46 cents in every tourism dollar spent in regional areas, tourism is important to both metropolitan and regional communities.

In 2013, a record 6.3 million people visited Australia from overseas. The greatest number came from New Zealand, followed by China, Great Britain, the United States, Singapore and Japan. Around 40 per cent of all spending by tourists in Australia was by Asian visitors, and that market is continuing to grow. Chinese tourists are particularly interested in Australia and over the past decade the number of Chinese tourists has tripled. The number of visitors from India is also rapidly increasing.

Food and wine tourism is expanding, in line with Australia’s growing international reputation as a producer of high-quality wines and a supplier of fresh, regionally produced food.

Did you know?

Australia was one of the first western nations to be awarded ‘approved destination status’ by China. This scheme provides streamlined travel arrangements for organized tour groups from China to Australia.