Norway VisaNorway Visa

Visa Fees Types for Norway Visa:

Norway Visa Type

  • A-Airport transit visa                                                                 :  4500/-
  • C -Schengen/Short-stay visa (one, two or multiple entries)      :  4500/-
  • Application for student and au-pair permit                                :  25900/-
  • Application for work permit                                                        :  29900/-
  • Application for family immigration permit (adults)                      :  47600/-
  • D-visa - application for entrance visa with the purpose of

       of applying for a permit from within Norway                              :  4500/-

Processing Time :

Applications for business visa are normally processed within 7 days for Norway Visa, however in case documents are missing/needs to be verified or in need of an interview; the processing time might go up to 15-30 days.

 Our service charge  :

  In addition to the Visa Fees, applicant requires to pay the Service Charge (inclusive of all taxes), of INR 1450/- inclusive of Service tax 15%.

Note: Visa fee and service charges are not refunded if your application is refused by the Embassy of Norway Visa, or if you withdraw you application       while it is under processing at the Embassy of Norway, New Delhi.

Documents Required :


You must bring all the necessary documentation when submitting the application. Below you will find a list of what documents all applications shall include, and which supporting documents shall be submitted according to the purpose of the visit in Norway.

You must bring all the original documents and a perfect A4 copy of each of the documents. You will be given the original documents back after we have checked them, and we will keep the A4-copies (except from the guarantee form which we will keep the original). Please be aware that all documents must be in English or Norwegian.

All applications for a C-Schengen Visa shall include:

  • Signed cover letter
  • Original passport issued within the previous 10 years and valid at least 3 months beyond the end of the intended visit with minimum two empty pages left for attaching a visa
  • Photocopy of all used pages in passport
  • 1 Bometric photo
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Supporting documents according to the purpose of the visit, see Lists below


  • Visit to family or friends
  • Business Visit (or cultural/official)
  • Tourist Visit.