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Businesses thrive on their location. The right location could mean the difference between your business earning millions and it earning nothing. That’s why so many businesses are attracted to the UAE; the country is awash with international business talent and is now one of the globe’s commercial capitals. Here’s just one example of a client we were able to help:


“Doing business in the UAE has really changed my company’s future. Before I made the move, I was already a successful businessman back home but my business needed to expand if we were to be truly successful. Every business person knows that Dubai is now one of the best places on earth to be, so moving there was never in question. I had spent months working on a proposal to set up a new branch in the UAE and called yaseenoverseas to see how they could help. My case manager talked me through everything there was to know about doing business in the country and was able to answer all of my questions in a way that was easy to understand. He knew so much about business practices in the UAE that it really put my mind at ease. The process was a fairly long one, but I used this time wisely and investigated the UAE markets even further whilst familiarising myself with the country, its history and practices. When my visa was granted, I couldn’t wait to fly out there! All that was some time ago now, though, and my business, I’m glad to say, is flourishing in the UAE. I would highly recommend Yaseenoverseas’ services to anyone wanting to move to Dubai.”